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What jobs do you accept?

  • We accept creative jobs that are based in Singapore. Some examples would be graphic designers, web and interactive designers, curators, fashion assistants, stylists, copywriters and illustrators, to name a few.
  • We also accept jobs that fall on the business side of a creative field. For example, admin, marketing, PR and client services.
  • We only accept retail / sales roles on a case by case basis.

If you’re unsure, email us at Note: If your job or company doesn't fit the description, it won't be published.

We reserve the right of final decision with regards to the publishing of jobs.

Are there other posting guidelines?

Yes. Please also do not spam the same listing more than once within 7 days. We also do not accept ads that use sexist, racist or any other forms of derogatory language.

How are job ads moderated?

No fancy algorithms here. All job ads are moderated by humans. We try to work as quickly as possible, but please expect some delay after business hours and on weekends.

How long will my posting stay up?

30 days. You'll get notifications that your job is expiring, provided you use a valid email address when you set up your employer profile.

What is a Featured Job?

Featured jobs are pinned to the top of the job board for 10 days and highlighted for the length of the listing (30 days). A featured job costs $49.

Can I edit my postings after they're on the site?

If you create an Employer Account, all your posts will be manageable after you log in. Otherwise, check your email after submitting your job post for a link to edit your post.

Why is it mandatory to state an allowance for internships?

In an effort to prevent the abuse of interns as free labour, we felt it was fair for companies to state allowances for internships.

How can I contact support?

Drop us an email at


How much does it cost to post a job?

It's currently free. A featured job costs $49.

Do you accept payment by cheque or bank transfer?

We accept major credit cards. Unfortunately, we cannot process cheques or money transfers.

Can I get an invoice or receipt for my post?

Sure! Just drop us a line at with a link to the post in question, and we'll generate an invoice for you.

My job wasn't approved, what happens to my payment?

We will issue an immediate refund. Note that it may take 5–10 business days for the refund to be reflected in your account, because of bank processing.

Job Seeker Profiles

Why should I create a job seeker profile?

A Cultjobs job seeker profile has several benefits. It allows you to:

  • Upload your CV once and apply to any jobs with just one click (when logged in)
  • View your job application history
  • Manage your job alerts in one place

In future, we will open the database to employers who want to actively search for candidates.

Can I change the visibility of my profile?

Yes. Go to 'Manage Profile' under your job seeker account and click 'Hide Profile'.

Can I delete my profile?

Sure. Email us at and we will promptly delete your account from our system.

Employer Profiles

Why should I create an employer profile?

Employer profiles offer companies a dedicated space to describe what your company does, what you can offer to potential candidates and acts as central hub for all your job vacancies.

What are the dimensions for my cover image?

930 x 465px.

Can I change the visibility of my profile?

Yes. Go to 'Manage Profile' under your employer account and click 'Hide Profile'.

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