Posted 19 May
One Animation

Art Director

Singapore Full Time

One Animation is on the prowl! We are looking to acquire a super-talented, hungry, affable individual to come on board our animation juggernaut. The role is full time - based here in sunny Singapore - the little red dot. But there’s nothing little about our ambition. No Siree! As ‘Art Director’ your role will encompass many things you love and live for; designing, drawing, discussing, developing and ultimately moulding the next great animated cartoon.

We like big characters here. Both in our shows and in our studio. Characters with endless ideas. With the ability to share and nurture, build and deconstruct in meaningful ways. Big talent is great, big ego’s...not so much.

Does this sound like you? Does it feel like we’ve invaded your mind and stolen your identity? If so, put those magical fingers to work and drop us a mail.


  • Work collaboratively with the Creative Director, Series Directors and Department Leads as part of the Senior Creative team.
  • In collaboration with the Creative Director, act as the design “vision-keeper” for the project, maintaining a cohesive style and tone in all elements associated with the project, through all phases of design and development.
  • Develop visual design direction and define the visual language of the assigned project. This may be accomplished by many different methods, including, but not limited to; creating sketches, illustrations, composite imagery and image research documentation. Supervise others to develop those design ideas.
  • Provide constructive criticism and motivating feedback to help nurture new and inexperienced artists. Always to promote growth and never to crush creativity.
  • Collaborate and communicate with team leads to assist in the day-to-day design and production tasks.
  • Create and present project materials to internal and external audiences to communicate project concepts, content and status.
  • Help read and review scripts and animatics, to offer up solutions or improve on ideas.
  • Demonstrate a healthy appetite for current related media: TV series, Films, Graphic Novels as well as showing a pro-active attitude at exploring and researching new techniques, tools and methods to help streamline bottlenecks in the production.
  • Participate in production-related meetings where you feel you can make a meaningful contribution, working closely with the coordinators and line producers to help manage your design teams schedule.
  • Help manage the design team schedule.

Skills Required:

  • Highly proficient in art and illustration. Proficient in Adobe CS, specifically Photoshop and Illustrator.
  • Experienced in art directing past shows is advantageous but not essential. Everyone has to start somewhere!
  • Experienced in leading small to medium sized teams.
  • Consistent, cartoon portfolio with particular attention to shape, light and colour.
  • Knowledge of After Effects and Maya is a plus. In fact - the more well rounded you are the better.
  • Comfortable conceptualising designs for a 3D-centric pipeline, covering character, location, props - every element that makes worlds and tells stories.
  • Strong communication skills are a must - especially in a culturally diverse studio such as ours. It’s important to be concise and clear as miscommunication can easily occur.
  • Demonstrate a proactive work ethic, able to multitask, prioritise and manage your time efficiently, with the ability to stay calm under tight deadlines.
  • Demonstrate that you are a creative and enthusiastic thinker, actively involved in the ideation of future shows and IP's.

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