Posted Mar 15
Lithan Academy

Project Videographer

Singapore Full Time
Salary: $50/hr

We are looking for a videographer to collaborate with an overseas student on our project.

This video will be about the study journey of a student of our own overseas study program.

Learn to manage and scope projects with your editor remotely in anticipation of the shoot and work within a real work setting! You'll have a manager assigned to you who will handle any communication issues and answer any questions you might have.

You will need some knowledge of videography to be effective. We will need to see your video portfolio in order to proceed.

About this Opportunity

  • Two schedules: 14 & 15th April or 13th & 16th April
  • Day 1: (Indoor, Classrooms, Office): 4 man-hours
  • Day2: (Outdoors) 2-6 man-hours
  • You will be collaborating with the editor directly to shoot the required scenes.
  • You will be expected to have your own equipment
  • Storyboard will be shared to you if your portfolio matches
  • No editing involved - only videography
  • Please send us a link to your portfolio, and online profile if available

What will candidates learn?

  • How to collaborate with an editor
  • Test your portfolio with us! The reviewer is an experienced video artiste.
  • Planning a practical timeline and scope for your videography
  • To implement a storyboard
  • To work on a practical timeline
  • Apply your existing skills in videography
  • How to manage expectations of your editor and your manager
  • How to express yourself professionally as a videographer to all parties

Additional Application Instructions

Please send us a sample demonstrating your videography skills.

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